"I felt I was more focused in your presence. Thank you." - Jasmine, London

 Meditation literally changes the structure of your brain. Proven to reduce anxiety and fight depression, the practice helps you manage stress so you can boost your confidence.

Building a regular habit is integral to feeling the full effects of meditation, and learning from a teacher will help you enter the meditative state more easily. In these sessions, I guide you through the meditation process. I am a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher with over 40 years’ experience.

Having maintained a daily meditation regimen for over four decades, I have extensive hands-on knowledge of the practice. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn how to meditate for the first time or you are more experienced and want to remind yourself of the state you're working towards, I offer sessions to help you achieve your goals. I recommend booking a series of sessions so you become more confident and effective at entering a meditative state.

Starting out in a shed in my family's back garden at the age of 18, I've always sought out moments of inner peace and calm in the city. With a little help, you can too.